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The best in business communications solution.

The KX-NS1000 Business Communications Server by Panasonic is designed to deliver simplified and improved communications, lower costs, increased productivity and adaptable to the way each organisation works.

Powerful solution

Customer Service (Call center)
In customer service, incoming calls must always be routed correctly, and accurate call logs and reports are essential. The unified message function and solutions of the KX-NS1000 meet these requirements.
The KX-NS1000  includes an advanced call routing function for small to medium size call centres. This function can be used without an external CTI server. It enables you to provide voice guidance for customers that are waiting, automatically record conversations, and search for past data when replying to customers.

Hospitality ( Perhotelan)
In the hospitality industry, communication systems need to be flexible, economical, and user friendly enough to meet individual needs. The KX-NS1000 has the solutions to meet these needs. It can improve staff collaboration to provide higher quality service.

Factory (Pabrik)
Provides high-quality conversations in the various environments found inside factories.


IP Networking Flexibility

The KX-NS1000 fully supports IP, an open protocol for establishing real-time communication. Using IP effectively can result in compelling advantages such as improving user efficiency, and lowering communication costs.

Built-in Voice Mail

The KX-NS1000’s built-in voice mail can handle incoming calls, record messages and conversations, and manage mailboxes all from a cellular phone. 2 channel and 2 hour voice storage is preinstalled, and this can be expanded to 24 channels and 1000 hours.

– Voice Mail/ Mail box Feature
– Custom Service
-Interview Service
-Automatic Two-way Recording for Managers